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Where can I buy Ensure Powder?

You can buy Ensure Powder at most pharmacies. You do not need a script – you can buy it over the counter, just like many other health related products. If your local pharmacy does not stock Ensure Powder, please call our Customer Service line on 1800 225 311 for details of your nearest stockist.

How do I prepare Ensure?

Ensure Powder can be enjoyed as a convenient milkshake-style drink. To prepare a single serve (230mL), put 195mL of cold water into a glass. Gradually add 6 level scoops (enclosed) or 53.8g of Ensure Powder whilst stirring, mix until dissolved. Your Ensure health shake is ready for you to enjoy.

Ensure Powder can also be added to your favourite meal. Check out some of our recipes using Ensure.

How do I store Ensure?

Opened cans of Ensure should be covered and stored in a cool, dry place, but NOT refrigerated. Store unopened cans at room temperature. Once opened, use the contents of the can within three weeks.

Reconstituted Ensure (once it has been prepared into a health shake), should be used straight away or covered, refrigerated and used within 24 hours.

How much protein is in Ensure?

Each serving of Ensure Powder contains 8.55g of protein. This is about 19% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for women and 13% RDI for men.1

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend adults eat 2–3 serves of protein containing foods each day to maintain the recommended levels of protein.2 Learn more about protein and why it is important for our bodies.

If you think you may not be getting enough protein through your diet, or with the help of Ensure, speak to your healthcare professional.

How much calcium is in Ensure?

Each serving of Ensure Powder contains 242mg of calcium. This is about 25% of the recommended dietary intake of calcium for men and women.1

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend adults consume three-and-a-half to four serves of calcium-rich foods – milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives (mostly reduced fat) – each day.2 These foods are high in calcium and are also a rich source of protein, vitamins and other minerals.2

If you think you may not be getting enough calcium through your diet, or with the help of Ensure, speak to your healthcare professional. They will be able to advise you on how to improve your calcium intake, and recommend a calcium supplement if required.

What nutrients, vitamins and minerals are in Ensure?

Ensure has been carefully formulated to offer a complete, balanced source of nutrition.3 It contains important nutrients, high quality protein and healthy fats. It also contains 28 essential vitamins and minerals important for the health of our bodies – Vitamin B, C and D, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. Check out the complete list of ingredients and nutritional information for Ensure Powder.

Can Ensure be used as a sole source of nutrition?

Ensure Powder is nutritionally complete and balanced. It is a food for special medical purposes. It is suitable as a sole source of nutrition, used under the supervision of a healthcare professional.3

Is Ensure suitable for people with diabetes?

Ensure is designed for people without diabetes.

Another Abbott Nutrition product line, Glucerna®, is specifically designed for people with diabetes, as it contains a blend of more slowly released carbohydrates to help minimise blood glucose response.4,5

Is Ensure lactose-free?

Ensure is low in lactose (no more than 2g lactose per 100g) but does not generally represent a medical concern for people with lactose intolerance due to the small amount.

Ensure should not be consumed by people with galactosemia.

Is Ensure gluten-free?

Ensure has low gluten (no more than 20mg of gluten per 100g). If your gluten intolerance is severe, please discuss with your healthcare professional to decide if Ensure may be suitable for you.

Can Ensure be mixed with fruit? What impact does this have on the nutritional value?

Yes, different fruits can be added to Ensure shakes to make a fruit-flavoured smoothie or shake. Fruits tend to be high in certain essential vitamins and can contain a moderate number of calories depending on the amount used. Adding fruit can increase the vitamin and total calorie content of the shake.

Can milk be used instead of water to prepare Ensure?

We recommend you follow the instructions on the label for the correct preparation of Ensure Powder.

If milk is added to Ensure Powder instead of water, the nutritional profile of the resulting shake will be different than the product label. The resulting shake will also no longer be suitable for people with lactose intolerance.