Love keeping healthy? Join us today for fresh Ensure
recipe ideas and nutrition tips to keep you active and strong!

Love keeping healthy? Join us today for fresh Ensure recipe ideas and nutrition tips to keep you active and strong!


Tips and advice

My Market Kitchen

Who Said Healthy Can't be Tasty?

Delicious and nutritious, Ensure and Glucerna are featured on My Market Kitchen on Network Ten, hosted by some of Australia’s most-watched celebrity chefs. Watch nutritionists Joel Feren and Simone Austin create a range of brilliant dishes using Ensure and Glucerna - they’ll introduce you to a range of simple, healthy recipes you can make today!
My Market Kitchen
Smoothie Bowl

Both Ensure and Glucerna can be added to a wide range of tasty and delicious recipes that include cinnamon and berry smoothie bowl, Ricotta sour dough toasts and Sri Lankan chicken curry. Give your day a nutritional boost with new recipes brought to you by the My Market Kitchen chefs!

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Ensure Tins

Ensure provides complete, balanced nutrition1, 2 with a whole host of benefits to support your health, including prebiotic fibre to support gut and immune health3,4, calcium to keep bones strong2, vitamin D and protein for healthy muscles2, and antioxidants for immune health1. Now available in a new neutral flavour, Ensure Neutral is perfect for use in both sweet and savoury meals. 

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Glucerna Tin and Ready to Drink

Glucerna provides complete, balanced nutrition including a unique slow-release, low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrate blend to help manage blood glucose levels from day 1 and improve management in 4 weeks*. Glucerna provides 28 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin D to support normal muscle function and antioxidants to support immune health.2,9

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* Glucerna has been shown to lower postprandial rises in blood glucose when used as a meal replacement5-7 and reduce glucose fluctuations, when used as a breakfast replacement as part of a lifestyle intervention8.

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